If you have an old, noisy, slow or unattractive elevator or lift that is in need of continual repair, perhaps it is time you considered updating it to today’s new standards.

Control Systems

Older systems can be upgraded to provide faster, smoother rides, and to reduce passenger waiting time. We utilize state-of-the-art products from companies such as Motion Control Engineering (MCE), the industry leader in non-proprietary controls. With MCE equipment, you’re never a life-long slave to your elevator installation company because with non-proprietary equipment, any qualified elevator service organization can maintain your elevators

Cab Renovation

Give your elevator a face-lift with modern wall, ceiling and lighting treatments, or stop ongoing damage to cab and hall buttons by having us install vandal-resistant fixtures in your elevator or provide you with a custom cab design for your review.

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Enhancements

Improve the safety and convenience of your elevator’s riders by replacing older car and hall buttons, telephones and door safety edges with ADA-compliant equipment.